We offer you a wide range of services, enabling us to cover your demands in terms of reprocessing, recycling and further processing. This includes:

• Grinding and cleaning plastic residues
• Regrinding materials into functional plastics
• Dyeing or compounding materials, tailored to meet your specifications

Careful processing and well-engineered, technical equipment

Minger relies on efficient and modern equipment to supply you with high-grade products for your manufacturing. Our qualified employees label the delivered plastics and perform specific material tests. Before the actual processing commences, all materials go through a standardised and thorough cleaning cycle; this involves metal separators, crushers and sieves, as well as further processes specifically developed at Minger.

Depending on the customer requirements, the material can be supplied in grain sizes from 6 mm to 10 mm. Minger then places the regranulate in one of the common types of containers, depending on your particular production process.
Just submit your specifications.
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